Video and photographs of Nomad Kayak Club needed!

We are now in the final planning phase of the 2013 Nomad Kayak Club AGM but to make it a success we need your help!

One of the highlights from last years event was a video by Luke Theobald that was broadcast live to all who attended, it contained both video and still photographs from across the year and was then made available via our website.

So, this is where you all come in 🙂

Luke is on the look out for suitable material to work on, we need you to pass him photographs and or video from which the 2012 video will be made. I am sure you all secretly want to be famous, here is your chance!

If you have material that can be used then please make contact with Luke at:

We can only make this work with your help so please dig out those 2012 memories and get them across to Luke.

I am also available to help if you wish to pass across a CD / DVD / Memory stick / other – i will then ensure it gets to Luke.

Please do answer this call ASAP, it takes a little while for Luke to work his magic.

Best regards,

Malcolm Stagg
Chairman, Nomad Kayak Club

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