Upcoming Trips


Nomad Kayak club runs a trip away usually on the second Sunday or weekend of every month for Nomad members to enjoy paddling on different waters and develop their skills. The trips are free to club members with their own equipment and are led by coaches and experienced paddlers, who specify the skill level needed. A minimum standard of the British Canoeing Paddle Discovery award is needed to start participating in club trips. If you’re not yet a Nomad member, please first take the appropriate route to joining the club according to your experience then, if you don’t already have the Paddle Discovery award, sign up and take the Nomad Paddle Discovery Course.

Trips are coordinated by trips officer Matt Greenshields but for questions about individual trips please contact the trip leader, whose email address is given on the sign up page. A big thank you to all trip leaders for giving your time for free for the benefit of club members.

Club boats and equipment can be borrowed for club trips away from the aquadrome at a cost of £5 per day from the equipment officer. The club doesn’t provide transport for our trips, so if you need a club boat please arrange to pick it up yourself from the club during the previous recreation session (Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings) and return it the following one. If you have a hatchback or estate car you may find a kayak will fit inside, else a roof rack will be needed. If you don’t have a car, others going on the trip may be able to transport your boat and give you a lift. The trip leader may be able to help you arrange this.

Nomads aim to make our trips as accessible as possible to all members subject to paddling safely, so if you’re in doubt whether your paddling ability is sufficient for a particular trip please do contact the trip leader who will advise you.

February 19th to 25th – River Dart and surrounding riversSign up

Nigel Atkinson and Nick Moore, Nomads’ ex-president will lead a week of paddling on the Dart and/or surrounding rivers with members of Nick’s local club in Suffolk. Nomad members of a suitable level (grade 2 and 3 whitewater competent) are welcome to join them for the week or a weekend. Nigel and Nick will be staying at the Dartbridge Inn, however there are other accommodation options in the area. Thanks very much to NIgel and Nick for inviting Nomads members and please make your arrangements with Nigel.

ps. The river isn’t always as ‘big’ as shown in the linked trip report video above so don’t be put off!