Try Kayaking

I’m keen to try kayaking to see if I like it

Anyone over 10* who can swim is very welcome to come and try kayaking for an afternoon with our Nomad Kayak Club Paddle Start Course, a 3 hour fun and practical introduction to paddlesport costing £45. This course earns you the British Canoeing Paddle Start award, allowing you to join our club and paddle some more if you decide it’s for you.

*  You need to be aged 10 or above to be able to participate safely, the main requirement is height, as a kayak requires a certain amount of the body to be above the top of the cockpit in order to paddle.

Prior to attending your Nomad Paddle Start Course there’s some paperwork and it’s important this is completed as otherwise we can’t allow anyone to take to the water. When you’ve completed this course you can paddle twice at our Sunday recreational sessions before having to take out membership (non-member session fees apply).

Canoeing is a water sport and with this in mind we’ve put together a useful guide for anyone taking a course, which you’ll be sent prior to attending. Getting wet is likely and a number of items of clothing / kit are recommended. If you’re unsure what to bring to keep you warm and safe, please email for some advice.

Please note that 10/11 year olds must be accompanied on the water by an adult and that 12/13 year olds must have an adult within the Aquadrome.