Rickmansworth Festival 2015 Success

Rickmansworth Festival 2015

Chairman’s Report

I write to you at the end of what has been an extremely successful weekend for our great club. Across the 16th / 17th of May the Nomad Kayak Club supported the annual Rickmansworth Festival, the event was held at our home waters in the beautiful Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Ready for day 2 of the festival!
Ready for day 2 of the festival!

As with all outdoor events the weather can really end up dictating the scale of any attendance, this year the sun was out so the club was busy interacting with the public. Across the two days we gave a large number of people the opportunity to enjoy paddle sport, in addition we took numerous details from individuals for follow up sessions and as always the excellent canoe polo demonstration games created further interest.
Steve on the BBQ
Steve on the BBQ

Overall it was a great success and we have delivered the following outcomes:

  • Secured further club funds
  • Brought all aspects of the club closer together
  • Engaged the public
  • Made paddle sport more accessible to all
  • Raised the profile of the club
  • Showed the new club committee in action for all to see 🙂
  • Increased membership
  • Enjoyed Steve’s amazing BBQ food
  • Had loads of fun..

So, many thanks to all involved – you did an amazing job! A special thanks to all the coaches who ran numerous ‘come and try it’ sessions, thanks you to all who ran the BBQ, a big thanks to all who managed the front desk and took all those hard questions, thanks to the polo players for putting on such a great show and thanks to all who managed the collection of club funds. We are a fantastic club and this weekend has just reinforced why…

NKC – 42 years and counting, you should all be very proud.

I hope to see you all very soon.

Malcolm Stagg
Chairman, Nomad Kayak Club

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