Introduction into Canoe Polo

A series of sessions introducing paddlers to canoe polo is being organised. There are two sets of sessions, the first for existing members of Nomads, the second for the general public.

The details for each session are listed below:


Week 1 – Getting Started

Dry Activities

  • A History of Canoe Polo – including pamphlet to take away
  • Safety – yours and others
  • Boats and equipment

Wet Activities – on the lake

  • Basic Boat Skills – paddle strokes and turning, balance and recovery
  • Basic Ball Skills – handling the ball – without paddles
  • Basic Game – polo without paddles

Week 2 – Putting it all together

Dry Activities

  • Polo Terminology
  • Rules – part 1 – including pamphlet to take away

Wet Activities – on the pitch

  • Better Boat Skills – Support strokes and rolling
  • Better Ball Skills – dribbling the ball and passing
  • Better Game – polo piggy in the middle/possession

Week 3 – Practice makes perfect

Dry Activities

  • Warm Ups
  • Rules Part 2

Wet Activities – on the pitch

  • Improved Boat Skills – Tactics, Defence & Offence
  • Improved Ball Skills – Targeting the goal
  • Improved Game – First proper game



The dates for the club member training sessions are:

  •  1400-1600, 15/04/2012
  •  1400-1600, 29/04/2012
  •  1400-1600, 13/05/2012

The dates for the public training sessions are:

  •  There are currently no sessions organised, but if you are interested please contact the polo officer using the email address below.


If you are interested in attending a session, please email

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