Facility Works

Our club is hiring out our polo facilities for league tournaments the first of which takes place on Saturday 20th September. For us to prepare the site there are a few remaining tasks to complete, these include creating a concete landing stage, goose fencing and perimter fencing and we shall also be making some alterations to the pitch size and hope to re-position the scaffold goal.

To complete this work we require help from the members and we have organised the work to take place over the next three weekends.

    Sunday 31st August – Concreting the new landing stage and installing a goose “Keep out” fence.

    Saturday 6th September – Bund works and perimeter fencing.

    Sunday 7th September – Bund works including creating a site entrance and Prune overhanging branches.

    Saturday 13th September – Installing club banners, re-aligning the scaffolding goal and adjustments to the polo pitch lines.

All working parties will commence at 10am and conclude by 4pm. Please consider your availability for these dates as a concerted effort by all members is required before the first facility use occurs on the 20th September. The club will be receiving an income from these polo uses which will be ploughed back in to improved club storage facilities in the spring when we hope to move the sheds and containers up to the site.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

If you require advice as to what to bring or how to dress contact Chilly – facilities@nomadkayakclub.co.uk.

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