Development Polo – 0900 on Sundays

The Youth and Development Polo sessions commence again this Sunday the 24th May at 9am and will run every Sunday at this time until Sunday 19th July. Every sessions will conclude with at least two ten minute games after which participants are welcome to stay on for the general polo session at 10:30 or return to the clubhouse to get changed.

The sessions will particularly focus on improving boat confidence, paddling proficiency, strength and ball handling skills later leading towards working as a team to maintain possession and scoring to win. Subject to how players get on, we plan to enter a youth and/or a development team to the London International Polo competition that takes place in South London over the weekend of 24/26 July.

Please note that to attend these sessions participants are required to be fully paid up club members who will then benefit from free boat and equipment use and free instruction, Non Members will incur a £10.00 charge per visit redeemable against membership.

Regular polo players are invited to assist by instructing or coaching at these youth and development sessions which we hope will strengthen polo participation eventually at all levels. Potential Instructors are requested to help by place their names against dated slots on the poster that will be located on the notice board in the clubhouse.

If you would like more details, please contact the polo team:

Polo Development Team

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