Canoe Polo Squads Review 2012-2013 Season

Nomad A

The clubs top players started the new season with renewed vigour, their aim to put last season’s missed opportunities behind them. They started well and created a platform from which to build – and build they did! Over the following six months they delivered a succession of mature performances that led them to the brink of success. Nomad A are now a force to be reckoned with, players at their peak who systematically destroy weaker opposition.

The current team has been together for around five years; in that time everyone has progressed both in terms of fitness, agility, skills and guile. The 2012-2013 season needed to when everyone delivered, they did. April 28th saw Nomad A playing their last five games at the clubs home facility in the beautiful Aquadrome, assured performances across the team saw 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. This was enough to place the second in the league, win a runners up trophy and take their place at the place off’s for a spot in the sports elite top ten!!!

Squad Analysis:

Most consistent player: Jonny Turner

Best comeback: Richard Hirst

Most likely to annoy the opposition: Andrew Spurr

Pace to burn: Tom Ritchie

Watch your ribs: Graham Roberts

Don’t go near him: Giacomo Perantoni

One to watch: Jake Redfern


The full 2012-2013 ‘A’ Squad:

Malcolm Stagg – Goalkeeper & Playmaker

Tom Ritchie – Midfield / Forward

Andrew Spurr – Forward

Graham Roberts – Forward

Jonny Turner – Defender

Richard Hirst – Forward

Katherine Stagg – Defender

Jake Redfern – Defender / Midfield

Giacomo Perantoni – Midfield / Forward

The squad travels to Hull on May 12th to attend the Division One playoffs  if they are successful the club will have moved on to another level. Fingers crossed.

Nomad B

A mix of youth and experience best sums up this squad, they performed very well without threatening a direct assault on the title. Matching the ‘C’ squad’s results they came third in their league, in doing this they scored more goals than anyone else in their league!

The team promises much as they possess a huge array of talent, with luck this summer will see them mature and go into next season ready to dominate.

The clubs committee fully believes that future ‘A’ squad players will come from this group of players…

Nomad C

This particular Nomad team has played together for many years and it shows. They are a well oiled machine and enjoy playing together, were it not for a couple of poor results mid-season season they would have make the Division Two playoffs. Despite this all concerned enjoyed their campaign and look forward to next year.

Based on statistical analysis, this is the second best squad that the club has.

Nomad D

This was a difficult year for what was an inexperienced squad, the club needs to develop new players but due to previous successes they had to do this in a competitive Division Three environment.

Although relegated the squad has learned much, they are now tougher and ready to make their mark on Division Four polo across the 2013-2014 season.

Nomad Ladies

Our ladies are what are known as a ‘yo-yo team’, they are much too good for Division Two but struggle in Division One. During the 2012-2013 season they swept all before them, our brave ladies won every game and ended with a massive positive goal difference.

Having dominated the season they were crowned champions and are promoted back to Division One for next season!

The full 2012-2013 ‘Ladies’ Squad:

Katherine Stagg – Goalkeeper & Playmaker

Jo Burmeier – Midfield / Forward

Nicky Woodcock – Defender / Midfield

Catherine Scutt – Defender

Kerry Bromley – Forward

Kerry Graham – Defender

Sabina Delcassian – Midfield / Forward

Nomad Youth

Across the nation our youth leagues are suffering, Nomad Youth entered the league without a full squad of eight but despite this did well. With a clear requirement to energise the grass roots of our sport the BCU decided to break the league into two – one part competitive, one part development. Our youth team was at the top of the development games but was not able to field a team during competitive games due to poor organisation on behalf of the sport. Despite this we are committed to the development of youth squads and will enter once more in 2013-2014.

Special mention must be made to Jake Redfern who has impressed to the extent that he stands a good chance of making his full debut for Nomad ‘A’ next season in the men’s league!

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