River Colne Clean-Up Sunday 2nd June

As part of Paddle UK’s ‘The Big Paddle Clean Up’, Nomads plan to meet at the Clubhouse at 10am on Sunday 2nd June to once again paddle the Colne loop removing rubbish from our much loved river & canal preventing harm to the river and local wildlife.

The main clean up will be on the River Colne between Batchworth and Springwell lock. Members will be armed with gloves, sacks, litter pickers provided by Paddle UK’s ‘Clear Access Clear Waters’ campaign and will scour the river and banks from kayaks for every bit of rubbish they can find, that is not too big or too dangerous to pick-up. Open canoes will be used as bulk carriers for collected rubbish which will be transferred to Ian’s car at Springwell Lock and disposed of at Rickmansworth Recycling Centre.

Last time the usual suspects that were collected included plastic water bottles, drink cans, fast-food packaging, dog poo in plastic bags, tyres, plastic sheeting & fishing tackle.

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Key Updates & Health & Safety Considerations:

  1. Canoes to bulk carry rubbish: Ideally we want to take 2 Canadian Canoes.
  2. Novices on trip (those who are  not spray level checked or familiar with river tree hazards need to be in tandem (shared Canoes) or will be unable to attend
  3. Canoes & Kayaks on Weirs  Novices and kayakers not familiar with weirs to portage 1st weir.
    – 2nd & 3rd Weirs Be cautious with Canoes – might be best to run with only 1 person in (strapping down rubbish as needed etc..) need bungee clips?
    – Kayakers to portage if not happy to run weirs
  4. Protection: Ian will take first Aid kit and please be careful with sharps, do wear gloves when litter picking. Antibacterial wipes will be especially useful if you plan to snack en route.
  5. Make sure you wear suitable paddling clothes, that might get wet and dirty.

Nomad Kayak Club & Friends to Conserve the River
Founded in 1973 Nomad Kayak Club based in the town of Rickmansworth within which the Rivers Chess, Colne & Gade run through. In addition to paddling on them, many of our members take part in Conservation of these local waters including Bury Lake (the Aquadrome), the Grand Union Canal and the aforementioned rivers.

Nomads know and appreciate that other groups including URACS (Uxbridge Rovers Angling Conservation Society) are interested in protecting & conserving the local rivers. It is hoped that positive cooperation between groups will continue to conserve local rivers for use by all. Nomad Kayak Club is affiliated to Paddle UK (formerly British Canoeing) which launched its Access and Environment Charter ‘Clear Access Clear Waters’ in 2018 championing the case for fair shared sustainable open access to inland waterways.  As part of the Clear Access Clear Waters campaign, Paddle UK is pledging to continue to protect and improve the health of our rivers, addressing plastic in our waterways and highlighting the positive impact accessing our waterways can have for the environment.

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