River Colne & Canal to Coy Carp Trip Report

15th January 2023

A local lake, canal and mainly the River Colne, downstream to The Coy Carp pub, near Harefield.

7 Paddlers: Ian Walker (Trip Leader), Dave Hillier (Safety), Martin Edwards, Andy Slatford, Dan Wickham, Nathan Ashford & Jai Auguste.

Ian led this local intermediate white-water trip, mainly on the Rickmansworth River Colne loop. After many days of rain it was a more interesting trip than planned. This was an intermediate Nomad Kayak Club trip with Dave Hillier thankfully providing good rescue cover. It was good timing while the river levels up and just before the next cold snap.

Fun was had by all & only 1 person had a couple of dunkings, However it was a good to get some rescue practice in.

The main hazards were tree branches/logs & low headroom at bridges.

At the end Ian & Martin had a play in Coy double Tunnels which was a good level for Ian’s big Pyranha Machno to surf and not get wedged in the Tunnels. We never made it to Box Weir (past the Coy) as the Colne loop took longer than when the trip was planned due to water levels, but anyway that’s next time!

Finished off with end of trip debrief & pint at The Coy Carp pub in Harefield.

Getting ready to launch after cars shuttled down to Coy Carp pub car park:

Andy mastering the high white water at Batchworth Weir on the Colne loop:

Martin in his little blue playboat:

Reviewing lines through 2nd (Money) Weir. Also, who wants to portage due to trees just after?


Jai passing over 3rd weir at back of Stockers Lake:

Nathan Paddling back to main river down at Springwell after rescue:

Back to Canal at Springwell Lock:

Speeding along canal down to Harefield:

After trip pints & debrief at The Coy Carp:

The End of a successful trip

Ian Walker (Report Writer)

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