Rickmansworth Festival

A lovely weekend at the Club alongside a very busy Canal Festival.

Some late activity saw the fence and a gate completed to restrict goose entry to the Nomad site; well done Chilly and Darren, it is looking really good.

Four excellent Come & Try sessions led by Mike with some able assistants (two on Saturday morning and two on Sunday morning), put forty four on the water (and only three in it!) and we will undoubtedly get a few new members from this judging by the smiling faces and feedback.

Dave and Darren BBQ-ed Sausages, Bacon and Burgers greatly appreciated by Club members and visitors who were either watching, enquiring or just resting under our parasols.

There were Club members fun sessions during which some tried alternative craft on both afternoons and also a Club BBQ on the Saturday night. With food left over now suitably frozen, we can have some post Sunday lunch or Wednesday evening (subsidised) BBQ’s later in the year.

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