Nomad Newsletter 20/05/16

Hello Nomads!
This weekend is the Rickmansworth Festival and the Nomad A team are fighting for promotion to Division 1!

Chris P

Rickmansworth Festival
The plan for the Rickmansworth Festival this year is as follows:


  • 0930-1000: Setup
  • 1000-1700: Promoting club to public / handing out leaflets etc.
  • 1200: Taster session
  • 1400: Taster session
  • 1600: Taster session


  • 0930-1000: Setup
  • 1000-1700: Promoting club to public / handing out leaflets etc.
  • 1130: Taster session
  • 1330: Taster session
  • 1530: Taster session

Each taster session will be 1.5 hours with one hour on the water. We will aim to put groups of twelve tasters on the water and need a coach/session leader, a backup in case we split the group and two other good paddlers a session, in all four experienced paddlers. Other club members will be very welcome to paddle but the public will have first call on our boats as we have to use ones that fit whoever turns up. So far we have 30+ already signed up.

A number of people have put their hands up to help and we now need to allocate sessions so we have all of them covered.

Please email with details on which sessions you can help out with and also when you are available to help hand out leaflets etc.

We’ll have a BBQ running for those helping out (far cheaper than the festival!).

Mike will email out parking permits later this week to those who have responded by email with their car registration numbers.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Chris H

Canoe Polo Playoffs
This Sunday the Nomad A team are fighting at the playoffs in Wales for a place in the country’s top flight Canoe Polo League – Division 1.

Good luck team!

Upcoming Trips
Sunday 19th June – Wey navigation and river Wey loop, Addlestone

Matt will be leading a 12 mile circular paddle up the Wey navigation from Addlestone and returning down the river Wey with a stop for lunch. A detailed description of the route is on songofthepaddle.

The first half is still water and the second half gentle moving water suitable for all 2*+ paddlers who are comfortable with paddling that distance. Contact Matt at if you want to go.

We will be meeting at 10am in the cul de sac by the A318 in Addlestone where free parking is available. Bring a packed lunch.

Sunday 17th July – Thames at Hurley and islands

Details to follow shortly.

20th-21st August – Tryweryn (upper and lower) – possible trip

Anthony Sterling is still looking to run grade 3 whitewater trips further afield. Please contact him (on Facebook or with if you are interested, because the trips won’t run otherwise. He is also planning to run some grade 4 and 5 rivers September-April, more details closer to the time.