Bury Lake Clean Up

This one needed a plan A, B and C. (A) was the Grand Union Canal and the River Colne loop, (B) was the Grand Union and backwaters, and (C) was the Club (Bury) Lake.

Plan A, due to the weather and rain last week all the water levels had risen massively, making the River Colne a grade 3 water. Due to having to keep both hands on the paddle in grade 3, litter picking was out of the question, so plan A was dismissed.

Plan B, the Canal and possibly some backwaters. This became a no no on the morning of the clean up, due to high water levels and a fast flowing current of flood water across the Canal at the Junction near Tesco. Also It seemed some pollution had entered the water and it became a brown foamy mess, so plan B was dismissed.

Plan C, was to Paddle the boundaries of our Club Lake and litter pick it, not that we thought it had much litter in it. The water was high, even flooding our launch point at the Club, but we decided to persevere, it was mentioned even Dave is getting his feet wet.

All on the water with Ian and Alexa in the (dustcart) Canadian Canoe, we proceeded around the Lake, Eagerly followed by Jai, Dan, Dave and Dave, and Hannah in the rubbish collecting Kayaks.

Needless to say we went around the edge dodging the nesting birds and trees etc, we collected a surprising amount of trash, some obviously years old, left decaying in our lake, a clock, a Colander, various drink cans, bottles, and some old fencing, were just a few of the things collected.

A rumour has it a Gun was spotted, and the police have been informed and are currently investigating.

Our Waterways need to be clean, the water and the banks, litter picking is a great way of clearing up, but the best way is not to litter in the first place.

Well done to Ian Walker for organising this event, as Nomads Clear Access Clear Water Officer, and a runner up in last years British Canoeing CACW award. Ian has always got a bag of rubbish he has collected with him, and strives to collect more from where ever he goes. (we should all be like Ian)

I know Ian is planning more sessions like this throughout the year, and many hands make light work, Contact him through the Nomad Kayak Club website.

Great work Ian.

Write up by Dave Hillier

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