British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards & FSRT Courses

The following courses will be running at the club this summer:

BC 1 Star – Introductory course consisting of 2 ½ hrs training + attendance at a minimum of 2 recreational sessions (£25 members, £50 non-members)
Dates: Saturday 3rd June 10am – 12.30pm – (further dates will be published on the website)
BC 2 Star – Fundamental Paddlesport Skills consisting of 1 day kayak training, 1 day canoe training and 1 day river trip including assessment (£50 members £100 non-members)
Dates: Kayak training Saturday 17th June, Canoe training Saturday 1st July, River trip/assessment Saturday 29th July
FSRT (Foundation Safety & Rescue Training) – Saturday 5th August (£35 members £70 non- members)
Course Aims 1) To provide the paddler with the necessary skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others 2) To provide the paddler with the appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty

To register your interest for any of the above courses please contact Peter.
In time, members will be able to register and book courses through the website.